The origin of our hotel



This building is built on the remains of some vaults excavated in the rock that supports it. The exact date of these vaults is unknown and they possibly date back to the 14th century due to its similarity to the vaults of the Cardian House in Torre De Obato, 4 km away. It was a place where the Counts of the Ribagorza lived, and they used to see this spot on their way, a spot that possibly used to be home to another building instead.


From our current building 12 defensive towers of castles or hermitages of the time can be seen, and if someone made smoke or fire signs, we would see it immediately.


It is a strategic place that also divides the passage of the Esera River and the old medieval bridge (already disappeared). Also, the road to get to this house is the one that leads to Panillo, which is the old medieval road that used to connect the County of Ribagorza with the County of Sobrarbe.

The ARNÉS TOWER and its love legend


The Arnés tower was remodelled in the 19th century on the ruins of a 16th century building of which the vaulted cellars and wine vats still survive. Doña Arnés, who gives her name to the building, was a lady of great nobility and beauty, who had an illicit admirer, Sr Lasierra, no more than a commoner. On marrying a noble man of her own class from Benasque, her admirer took off for Madrid and after a while he became a Madrid member of the court parliament.


Some years later, he received news that Doña Arnés had become a widow and so he returned to Graus immediately to ask for her hand in marriage. With his new position and power he became an acceptable choice for the family and the marriage took place.


This story with a happy ending lead to the couple taking up residence in the home of Doña Arnés in Calle Barranco, in the centre of Graus (called Casa Arnés).


This tower (THE ARNÉS TOWER) was located at 2 km from Graus and, as a love present, was remodelled and provided with plasterwork from that time.

Tv Program Vivencias con Sabor have dedicated a video to us, we are very happy to share it with you!


TORRE ARNÉS: a tower with a long history


Two centuries later, the aforementioned Tower was about to disappear…


Due to its strategic location, it served as the headquarters of the Republican Army in the Spanish Civil War, using its wineries as a refuge.


Its deterioration was increasing in such a way that it was only used for landlords, then to enclose cattle, until its total degradation and abandonment…


Nowadays, in the 21st century, it is shining again…


Its current owners, Ángel Morales Del Valle and Reiner Eduard Huber, two entrepreneurs from the Balearic Islands, have embarked on its full recovery and remodelling with the idea of enabling it to hold the title of Charming Hotel. At this moment, the restaurant is open to the public and there are available several spectacular, design and elegant rooms. We expect to offer more rooms in a short time.


September 2002:

Successful opening, later opening of the restaurant.

Years 2004 and 2005:

Expansion and opening of the first four rooms.

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